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About our PPG

A PPG is a Patient Participation Group and the people involved are a group of patients registered with your own GP Surgery.  They have no medical training but have an interest in the services provided.  They work in partnership with the Practice to ensure that there is a good relationship between patients, GP and other professional staff.  The aim of a PPG is to represent patients’ views, support diversity and to work in partnership with the Practice to improve common understanding; help patients to take more responsibility for their health; contribute to improvements of services and quality of care and work towards better and improved communications.

For more information about Patient Participation Groups please take a look at the National Association for the Patient Participation  website.

If you would like to apply to join the Swingbridge Surgery patient group please go to our ‘Join our PPG’ page for further information.

Join our PPG

We welcome enquiries from patients who would like to join our patient group. You can download the sign up form as a pdf document here, print it out, complete it ... [continue] Join our PPG