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AskmyGP information

When can I use askmyGP?

AskMyGP is available to use Monday-Friday.

The service is turned on at 6.00am and is closed off at 12.00pm.

To ensure patients are getting the safest level of care, some routine requests may be deferred to a different working day to ensure urgent cases can be managed on the same day.

Face-to-face appointments are available to all patients where there is a clinical need. You will be asked to first discuss your concerns over the telephone or online with a member of the clinical team to assess what would be most appropriate for you and which practice member would best provide it.

If you require urgent attention after this time please telephone the Surgery on 01476 571166 or call 111 after 18.30 or at weekends

What is askmyGP?

The Practice now manages all patient requests on the day using a system called askmyGP which is an easy, quick and user friendly way to seek help and advice from one of our practitioners (GPs or Advanced Nurse Practitioners). Patients are able to submit requests for children or anyone they care for, as long as the person they care for is registered with the practice.

AskmyGP has helped reduce the typical 8am rush for appointments seen with traditional appointment systems as patients can contact the practice at any point during our askmyGP service times and we respond during our operating hours. We aim to respond to requests made before 18:00 on the same day where possible.

AskmyGP allows patients to seek help from specific practitioners (so long as they are working that day) and we will respond either by telephone or secure electronic message. If a face to face appointment is required this will be offered to the patient on the day they submit their request.

Please note patients are no longer able to book appointments using their SystmOnline account.

The easiest and fastest way to get any kind of help is with askmyGP.  It saves us time too, so please help us to help you.